Caring for your jewellery

My jewellery is made using sterling silver; sometimes copper is added as a contrast to the silver. Ceramic pieces are mounted in sterling silver. Necklaces can be sterling silver chain, Neoprene or silk cord. Brooch pins are stainless steel.

Silver wears beautifully over time and polishes itself in areas of wear. Scratches and marks can add character and warmth. Copper has a beautiful warmth and glow but it naturally oxidises or tarnishes quite quickly and will darken in colour. This can be kept as a feature or it can be cleaned to restore the copper colour.

For stubborn areas of tarnish a silver polishing cloth is recommended. If your jewellery is on a neoprene necklace, avoid getting too much polish on the neoprene. Wipe it away with a damp cloth.

Pieces with a soft satin (brushed) finish can be restored using warm soapy water with an abrasive such as ScotchBriteTM rubbed gently over the surface, after which it can be dried with a soft cloth. Don't rub too hard to ensure that you don't damage the piece.

Silk cord necklaces can get kinks in them if not stored well (it can help to hang them rather than simply put in a drawer or box). To smooth out the cord, wet your thumb and index finger in clean cold water and run them gently along the kinked area of cord. Repeat until the cord is straight, then hang somewhere until dry.



Caring for your jewellery


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