Limelight was held in the exhibition space at The Library, UNSW @ The Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, Australia between the 8th September and 9th October 2005.

The exhibition presented a body of porcelain vessels with one thing in common - lime green interiors.

Working with Australian porcelain clay, the exterior of each vessel was left unglazed but polished smooth to both complement and contrast with the glossy interior. Four basic forms were presented: bowls, tall cylinders, wide-based bottles and a simple vase shape.



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The bowls all had their round wheel-thrown shapes slightly distorted with a 'swirl' from base to rim before removal from the wheel, creating contrasts of light and shade on their undulating surfaces. Minimal decoration of carved parallel lines reflected the straight sides of the cylinders while the wide bases of the bottles narrowed to thin necks in which one needed to peer to catch sight of the lime interior. The bottles and vases shared a simple decoration created by masking areas of the unfired clay and wet-sponging the unmasked areas.

'The exhibition follows a natural progression, so that in one sense there is the main play of lime green and white culminating in a dramatic finale of a large white porcelain bowl glazed with bright purple..... The exhibition presents a coherent artistic statement, yet each of the works retains its individual integrity.' Extract from the review by Kerry-Anne Cousins in the Canberra Times 'Times2' supplement 5th October 2005.


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