Does the thought that design doesnít have to be intricate and overblown resonate with you? If so, Iím pleased to meet you!

bopdotz designs are for people who understand that quiet and unassuming are desirable characteristics. But if thatís a new concept for you, donít let quiet and unassuming mislead you. Together and separately, they can nurture joy and pleasure. They can allow a piece to stand out or quietly enhance its surroundings. Imagine a simple sterling silver teardrop-shaped pendant against a plain dress or top, or a bowl with a quiet flecked finish showing off the bright colours of the salad within and youíll get the bopdotz idea.

Iím Sara Hogwood and I make my bopdotz ceramics and silver jewellery as a low-production enterprise in Canberra, Australia. My goal is to bring a little happiness into peopleís lives through the mediums of clay and sterling silver.

Taught by experienced and creative makers in both disciplines, I like to think that theyíve given me the skills to explore my ideas, paring them back to achieve my aim of simple, well-designed, well-made pieces. Pottery is the slower process: throw a piece, wait for it to dry, bisque fire it, glaze then fire again, planning ahead so that for each firing thereís enough work to fill the kiln. This process usually takes a couple of weeks at best. Silver is more immediate Ė jewellery pieces can be started and finished the same day. I find the very different processes involved in creating ceramic and silver work equally fulfilling and enjoy moving between my two workspaces.

If you love minimalist design, simple spaces, clean lines and affordable prices then we have a lot in common.  

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Bottle & vessel

porcelain with black satin glaze

Soda & Ice exhibition

Porcelain bowl,

lime green glaze inside,

unglazed polished exterior

Limelight exhibition


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